Animated Series

Pada Zaman Dahulu

Title: Pada Zaman Dahulu (Once A Upon A Time)
Duration: 7 minutes / Episodes (4 Seasons)
Type: TV Series
Genre : Family / Malay Folklore
Format: Standard 16:9 HD
Language: Malay & English
Broadcaster: TV Al-Hijrah (Malaysia), MNCTV (Indonesia), Astro Ceria (Malaysia & Brunei), Nickelodeon (14 Territories)

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“Pada Zaman Dahulu” (Malay for “Once Upon A Time”), is the very first Malaysian 3D animated series to feature 2D animation techniques. This series produced by Les’ Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. entails the everyday lives of two siblings – city kids Aris and Ara, who travel to the Malay “kampung” (village) to live with their grandparents Aki and Wan when their Papa and Mama have to leave the country.

Although difficult at first, having to abandon the ease and convenience of their lives in the city like fast cars and video games, and adopt a slower but more peaceful way of living like riding bicycles and doing chores at the farm, Aris and Ara begin to adjust to their new surroundings and soon discover plenty of exciting activities in the village.

Their grandfather Aki is a walking encyclopaedia of Malay folklore, particularly of the long-forgotten tales of “Sang Kancil”, the clever mouse-deer. Aki will weave the story of “Sang Kancil” with well-known Malay proverbs and idioms for his grandchildren Aris and Ara, which runs parallel with their experiences in the village. It is a fun and effective way for Aris, Ara and all children to learn about moral values.