Pada Zaman Dahulu

Animated Series

Title   Pada Zaman Dahulu
Duration 7 Min / Episodes
Type TV Series
Language Malay, English
Started Aug 2007
TV Al-Hijrah (Malaysia)
Astro Ceria (Malaysia)
MNC TV (Indonesia)


Pada Zaman Dahulu is the very first Malaysian 3D animated series to feature 2D animation techniques. The series entails the everyday lives of two sbilings; city kids Aris and Ara, who travel to the village to live with their grandparents Aki and Wan when their parents have to leave the country. Though difficult at first, Aris and Ara begin to adjust to their new surroundings and soon discover plenty of exciting activities, whilst learning about the long forgotten tales of “Sang Kancil” as told by their grandfather, Aki. Follow Aris and Ara as they experience the simple life in the village and embark on Sang Kancil's adventures, filled with excitement, laughter, action and not forgetting moral values! A must watch for the entire family.

Pada Zaman Dahulu is a new series brought to you by Les Copaque, the people behind the popular animated series Upin and Ipin. Borrowing Sang Kancil's classic tales of wisdom and adventure, this series aims to deliver wholesome messages to children in a simple yet entertaining way.

Pada Zaman Dahulu tells the story of Aris and Ara, a pair of siblings who try to adjust to village life as they are left to stay with their grandfather, Aki. Aki uses this opportunity to get close to his grandchildren by taking them on an adventure through the many tales of Sang Kancil, imparting many important lessons and moral values while still managing to have fun in the process!


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Pada Zaman Dahulu

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